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At the Beach | “This is so me” photography session | Melbourne, FL Lifestyle Child and Family Photographer

He’s a daddy’s boy. Oh, he adores his mama too. But when his daddy lavishes him with attention (which happens pretty often), he glows. Those deep blue eyes twinkle brightly and that smile couldn’t possibly stretch any wider. That smile. It’s contagious. Heart melting. Breath taking. I find myself doing all sorts of crazy things just to get that smile beaming back at me.

We are a family. We dance, we play, we learn, we fight. He says, “I’m spiderman and you be the bad guy.”  Mama isn’t always the bad guy. Usually, he insists that I’m Lois or Mary Jane. And he and daddy rescue me.

Life changes you.  My husband and I have become “those” parents who refer to each other as “mommy” and “daddy.” They’ve become the most prestigious titles we could ever hold.

I’ve always longed to capture the real moments. The real emotions.  In all their beautiful, perfectly imperfect glory. And so I’ve started with my own family. So when AJ and mommy and daddy look back at these pictures we can say, “that was so us.”

I have mountains and miles to grow on this photography journey. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes it’s encouraging and uplifting. I will continue to push. To improve. To put my heart in the images I take. It is with great pleasure that I share these images of my boys. This is so them at the beach. AJ sitting in his chair, tentative at first. Scoping out and analyzing his surroundings before jumping in with wild abandon. Daddy keeping his boy safe while allowing him to have the time of his life in the waves. And the boy- with purple lips, sandy toes, and a happy heart- all wrapped up in daddy’s arms saying, “I want to do it again!”


Yes, let’s do it again.


I am excited to announce “this is so me” mini sessions! Let’s capture the real you doing what you love with the people you love whether it be splashing in the waves, blowing bubbles, painting pictures, exploring playgrounds, dancing in living rooms, making s’mores, playing superheroes, picking strawberries, reading books in pjs, going to your favorite ice cream shop, you name it! I will be accepting only 2 mini sessions per month available through July 2013. Full lifestyle sessions are also available. Sessions must take place in Brevard County or Palm Beach County. Additional terms and conditions apply. Looking forward to hearing from you!  Love, Tabitha 

March 4, 2013 - 10:22 PM

Jessica - I love this so much! Looks like a beautiful day at the beach that you’ll always remember. I can’t wait to see all the images from the lucky families who book your mini sessions! This is so you. ;)

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